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Re: busybox in main

Joey Hess wrote:
> Glenn McGrath wrote:
> > My personal opinion is that Joey is trying to make a compromise by
> > having a seperate area for installer packages, but as far as i know the
> > installer team has no idea whatsoever if or when there will be a
> > seperate area to put installer specific modules.
> Allright, let me clear some of this up. We had a conversation with James
> Troup last week in irc about this, and I was going to write it up, but
> my move interveined. Here's what I remember:

> * Our little directory will have its own Packages file. I want this,
>   because retreivers should be able to use a Packages file that have
>   only relevant debian-install-specific package (modules) in it.

Oh yea, this will save heaps of space on ramdisk (or wherever)
considering a Packages is 3 or 4MB 

> * Because of some objections by Adam Heath that he doesn't want to see
>   .debs uploaded to the archive, even if it's to a hidden away corner
>   that's not aptable, we decided to use the extention ".udeb" for debian
>   installer modules. It will probably make James's code easier anyway,
>   and it's not much harder to build fdebs with a different extention,
>   and most tools will work fine no matter that the filename is.

What if debian install requires a stock standard package thats in main,
does that package have to be in both archives?

> * None of this has mentioned where sources go. Sources go into the MAIN
>   archive. Some sources (like busybox, ash, etc), will generate .deb's and
>   .udeb's. Others won't generate any .debs, but this is ok.
Woohoo, thats a win.

Mabye in the long run some sort of sub-packaging system may be
apropriate, that way the installer could extract some binaries from
existing verified policy compliant packages. But thats probably looking
to far ahead.


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