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Re: Comments on FHS testsuite run

On Tue 24 Oct 2000, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> > * Reference 4.7.30-2: /usr/share/misc/ascii missing
> >   Reason: weird standard, possible bug in Debian
> > 
> >   I have no idea why this file belongs in a standard; it's not in any
> >   Debian package so if the standard does not remove this we will need to
> >   add it somewhere.
> Some earlier distributions had an "ascii" file somewhere in /usr/lib (I
> can't remember the original location).  On Solaris, "ascii" now sits in

The "ascii" file lived in /usr/pub/ascii for as long as I can remember,
on all other versions of unix I've ever had my hands on. Only on linux
could I not find it there.

> /usr/share/lib/pub.

Solaris still has a symlink /usr/pub -> share/lib/pub so that
/usr/pub/ascii will work. Ditto for HP-UX.

> > * Reference 4.7.3-4: /usr/share/misc/termcap missing
> >   Reason: standard uses obsolete filename
> > 
> >   This file is actually /etc/termcap
> /etc/termcap seems like the obsolete filename to me.

Actually, IMHO termcap itself is obsolete.

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