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Re: What gives?

On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 08:26:17PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> The entire process has been handled in an exceedingly poor manner.
> I'm not talking about the substantive question of interpretation of
> the constitution, here, I'm talking about the nuts and bolts handling
> of ballots and announcements and keeping people informed about what
> exactly the status is, how to vote, and so forth.
> I feel like we have a person listed as "Project Secretary", but no
> actual person actually doing much towards that job.  It's not a huge
> job, but it's very important that it be done in a manner that inspires
> confidence in the fairness and legitimacy of the process, and what's
> happening here is that there is a stone wall of silence (or maybe it's
> inattention), a lot of confusion, a very important issue going to vote
> on a very confusing ballot, a claim that the vote itself is invalid
> due to expiration of a time limit, and several other problems.

One of those several other problems is the ambiguity in the constitution
for which a resolution and ammendment have been proposed and received
adiquate seconds twice now, and has yet to even be acknowledged (and based
on comments made on irc, I believe may have been deliberately ignored in
an attempt to expedite a process that has already taken too long..)

Given that it is clear people wish that issue to go to a vote and it is
necessary to concretely settle the issue surrounding the current (IMO
completely botched) vote, I think this is a very dangerous thing.  I've
been saying this for some time now, and many people have drawn many
conclusions from it which are not true.

The fact is that we have a Project Secretary who has become too busy to
maintain his office.  IWJ is more accessable at the moment.  In the
meantime, important issues are languishing due to his inaction - be it
intentional or otherwise.  I feel it's hurting the project's morale in the
short run and our credibility in the long run.

> We need a Project Secretary who keeps up with the job, or asks the
> Technical Committee Chair to step in.  This is a very important job,
> and it needs to get done, with a speed and efficiency that inspires
> confidence.  

I have no illusions that the job is an easy one to fill.  That said, if
Darren can't handle it, he should step down and find someone who can.  (I
am _NOT_ volunteering...)

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