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www.debian.org is now klecker.debian.org

Hi people,

I'm happy to say that the primary web serving machine has been changed just
now to klecker.debian.org, a brand new server donated by VA Linux Systems.
As you can see by the machine name, it is also symbolically dedicated to
Joel Klecker, the developer who passed away recently. :'(

This change should not affect the web server activities, everything should
be more or less intact. (Aside from the fact that the new machine is blazing
fast :) Please report any problems to debian-www@lists.debian.org address or
file a bug against `www.debian.org' pseudo-package in the BTS.

If any web mirror maintainers are reading: if you notice the change has had
a negative effect on the mirroring, please contact us.

I expect our PR people will make an official announcement/press release for
this shortly -- that's why this isn't on any -announce lists.

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