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Re: Comments on FHS testsuite run

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Andrew Josey wrote:

> FHS2.1 Issues List (Draft 1)
> ------------------------------
> Thu Apr 20 10:14:39 BST 2000
> This file contains a list of possible issues with the FHS2.1 specification
> based on assessing test results.
> For each a specification reference and the associated test assertion
> are quoted together with some commentary.
> We will need to assess where the problems lie, in the specification
> or in the test suite.
> Reference 3.4-3(A)
> If the implementation provides a C-shell
>      The implementation provides the file /etc/csh.login
> Is this a mandatory requirement that all FHS compliant systems
> provide a default /etc/csh.login

As I read the requirement; only if /bin/csh is present. (or some other
test for a provided C-shell)

> Reference 3.4-4(A)
> The implementation provides the file /etc/disktab
> We  understand that disktab is a BSD filesystem/partition related file.
> Is this meant to be /etc/fstab? or something else ?
As above, if there are no BSD filesystem/partitions, then /etc/disktab is
not needed. An other question that could be asked; Why is Linux Standards
dealing with BSDisms? Is it because Linux supports them? (It also supports
Sun, Mac, and many other file systems. Do we incorporate specifics of
these as well?)

I guess this just doesn't seem to be a compatibility issue to me, but I've
been wrong before ;-)

> Reference 3.4-10(A)
> The implementation provides the file /etc/confissue
> Should this really be /etc/issue?
> Reference 3.4-15(A)
> The implementation provides the file /etc/mtools
> Should this be mtools.conf ?
Isn't this package obsolete?

> Reference 3.4-21(A)
> The implementation provides the file /etc/ttytype
> This appears to be Linux specific, at best it ought to be
> in the Linux annex, or perhaps removed.
Hmm. While FHS may not be Linux specific, LSB most certainly is...


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