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Re: ITP: Tomcat

Marcus Crafter wrote:

>         As far as I can tell no one has yet sent an ITP for Tomcat, the
>         reference implementation for the servlet 2.2/2.3 and jsp 1.1/1.2
>         api's (it is also not listed on wnpp).

Sorry, I have sent an ITP for this some months ago - please search the
mailing list archives for the actual mail.

The package is already availabe at http://master.debian.org/~sgybas/tomcat/.
Please read README.Debian and the Debian-Java mailing list archive for
reasons why it's not yet in the official Debian archive.

>         If someone has already sent out an ITP then I will happily withdraw
>         mine, but if no one has claimed an ITP within the next week, I
>         will ask Sun / Apache for permission to package and will start to get
>         a test package ready.

You don't have to ask for permission - it's released under a BSD-style
licence which give you the right to distribute packages.

Stefan Gybas

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