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New library: libcwd -- who can make the .deb files?

Hi all,

I am not sure if this is the correct mailinglist, but it seemed the
most appropriate one to me.

I am the author of a new library called `libcwd', after working on
it and using it for several years, I started to make it public to
the Open Source community a few months ago.

I believe that the library is now stable enough for a larger audience
and I'd like it to become a part of Debian.

I do not run Debian, nor do I have the time to maintain distribution
specific packages; therefore I seek someone who is willing to become
the debian maintainer of libcwd.

libcwd is a C++ Debugging Support library with support for ostream
based debug output, custom debug 'channels' and extensive memory allocation
debugging support.

It requires g++-2.95.1 or higher.  Configuration is covered with the
"standard" GNU automake/autoconf/libtool configuration tools.

So far it has been tested on linux (several distributions), FreeBSD-4.x,
Solaris-2.7 and 2.8 and openBSD-2.7.  netBSD is soon to follow.

Extensive on-line documentation (reference manual, tutorial, examples,
news etc) is available on http://libcw.sourceforge.net/debugging/

A first attempt to build .deb packages has been successfully performed
by me (libcwd-0.99.4 and higher already have a debian/ directory in it).

I can't make it easier :)  Who is willing to help me?


Carlo Wood <carlo@alinoe.com>                        -=- Jesus Loves you -=-

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