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Re: [BALLOT] Social Contract Change Amendment

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

> Also, it is still not clear to what question the ballot answers of "yes" or
> "no" are being given.  It doesn't seem like that simple a matter, since a
> person could disagree with both Anthony's amendment and John's GR.

The question being presented for this vote is "Should the second vote
be on John's proposal, or on Anthony's proposal".  The reason it's a
"yes/no" question is because the formal nature of an amendment is "I
propose to amend the proposal to read FOO", and you vote YES to
substitute and NO to not substitute.

You can vote either way here without liking the one you vote for
today.  For example, you might think both are horrible ideas, but
think John's is certain not to pass but Anthony's might.  In that
case, you would vote not to accept the amendment, and then vote
NO on the second ballot no matter what.

It all depends on exactly what you think; you have to make up your own


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