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Re: Debian and LDAP?

* Ian Eure in "Debian and LDAP?" dated 2000/10/09 18:45 wrote:

> 3. there are no tools for creating and maintaining users in an ldap
> database. this is the biggest problem, imo. login, passwd, chfn, chsd
> and su are all pam-ified, but user{add,del} and group{add,del}
> aren't.

File a wishlist bug against passwd

> are there any plans to have better support for ldap in woody? it
> would be extremely nice to have ldap authentication as an
> installation option, and have openldapd automagically migrate all the
> users, groups, etc when it installs.

Yes it would be nice to have that, another wishlist bug it seems

> maybe creating a debian-ldap list would be a good idea?

That is a good idea, I thought we had one, but checking I see that we
don't. Is there enough interest in it though?

chalk slayer

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