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Re: Changing originator on large set of bugs ?

Yann Dirson wrote:
> > close xyzw
> > reopen xyzw Yann Dirson <the.one@true.address>
> > ...
> > thanks
> I knew this one, but it's really not convenient to do.  Hopefully the
> unofficial LDAP access may be helpful in batch retrievial of the list of
> bugs, but such a change could easily be implemented if we had a SQL-capable
> BTS.  Maybe this should be a goal to achieve...

I don't understand how elaborate ldap or sql-stuff is simpler than:

(for bug in `cat my-bugnums`; do
	echo close $bug
	echo reopen $bug email
done) | mail -s "fixing submitter" control@bugs.debian.org

see shy jo

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