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lintian statistics changes potato -> woody

Hi people,

Richard Braakman changed the distribution on which the main Lintian
repository (the one at master.debian.org) operates a day or two ago. It was
running and running, desperately trying to bring the machine down :) but it
seems all went fine. Here's an excerpt from the new statistics:

     Maintainers listed:     462 (+21)
     Source packages listed: 2030 (-108)
     Binary packages listed: 1252 (-316)
     Warnings:               10097 (+879)
     Errors:                 4258 (-1041)
     Overridden tags:        221 (-219)

(see http://www.debian.org/lintian/ for complete information)

The number of packages decreased, which is rather weird. It may mean one of
the admins got tired of seeing the machine being slowed down, so he killed
lintian run :)

If we assume there's nothing wrong with the statistics, I'd say that the
number of maintainers increased logically, though not as much as I would
have expected. The decrease in number of errors and overrides is a positive
sign, while the number of warnings didn't rise much.

Note that the Lintian version is still the same as before (the web page
mentions 1.10, but package version on the machine is 1.11.2... strange),
meaning that any changes should be attributed only to fixes/breakages in
packages, not Lintian. With a new version of Lintian, the numbers will most
probably change, a lot.

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