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Re: Delay in connecting to service

On 6 Oct 2000, Fredrik Liljegren wrote:

> I have two Debian Potato servers, that I among other things connect to
> via ssh.
>   In both these, there is SOMETIMES a dalay of over a minute between
> the connection is established/noticed, and the actual
> authentication-process begins.  For example:
> Oct  2 08:52:04 bifrost sshd[228]: debug: Forked child 18444.
> Oct  2 08:53:19 bifrost sshd[18444]: Connection from port 2038
> The time between the fork (when the connection is established
> according to my ssh-client) and the childs "Connection" is mostly less
> than a second, but sometimes, as in this case, over a minute.

You don't have enough entrophy on the machine, so ssh waits, until you have

Solution: run a several finds on the server, a few cats of large files, etc.

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