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Re: Bug#72941: general: non-free packages should have special info in description.

On 2 Oct 2000 01:18:25 +0200, Evan Thompson <evaner@evaner.penguinpowered.com> wrote:
>Package: general
>Version: 20001001
>Severity: wishlist
>non-free packages should have some indicator (in description or what-have-you) of why they don't follow DFSG so that CD vendors and all others conserned know why they're not in main.

You are absolutely right. I had to prepare non-free CD-ROM and it was
very hard to do. I'm not a lawyer and the some of copyright infos are
very enigmatic.

I think it would be great if each non-free package had a template:

Private usage: yes/no
Commercial usage: yes/no
Modifications are allowed: yes/no
Copying is allowed: yes/no
Selling is allowed with minimal cost: yes/no (this is important for CD-vendors)
Selling is allowed for any cost: yes/no

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