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Re: wasted disk space

On Tue 03 Oct 2000, Eric Schwartz wrote:

> But it's a lot more obvious what it's doing, too; looking at your echo
> line, I haven't the foggiest what it does-- or at least I wouldn't if you 
> hadn't told me.  The difference between a talented hacker and a solid
> programmer is how well they write code for the next human that reads it.
> Unless it's a performance issue (in which case, why are you writing in
> sh?), it's more important that the next programmer that reads the code
> understand how it works.

As I wrote in my first message in this thread:

: OTOH, I agree that avoiding such things is
: generally a good idea (esp. in scripts where saving a couple of
: keystrokes isn't that important), however for interactive work
: it's a pretty nifty feature.

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