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Re: On Bugs

On Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 07:28:54AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 08:15:48AM +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > The problem is that our definition of release critical is flawed.
> > A package should only hold up the release process if it has
> > an important (or higher severity) bug report, and the package itself
> > is important.
> This is largely what happens anyway, though, no?

In effect, yes. Perhaps they could be left in the distribution
though; a grave bug in an extra package is not a big deal,
and even the broken package might be useful to somebody (as
opposed to no package at all). Also, they could be left out
of the 'release critical bugs' list, because they get in
the way and aren't really release critical anyway.

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish@debian.org> <hamish@cloud.net.au>

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