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ITP: empire - the wargame of the century

Package: wnpp
Version: N/A
Severity: wishlist

I've packaged empire (aka vms-empire), a turn based console strategy game.
There two parties, the player and the computer. Of course There Can Be
Only One.

Chuck Simmons writes:
|        Apparently, this game was originally written outside of Digital,
|        probably at a university.  The game was ported to DEC's VAX/VMS
|        from the TOPS-10/20 FORTRAN sources available around fall 1979.

He rewrote the program in 1987/1988. Not so long ago ESR adopted the
program, added color and tweaked it a bit.

Version seems to be a GPL 0.something-preprepre. It is free.

The upstream tarball can be found at ftp://locke.ccil.org/pub/esr/.

A debian package can be found at

I'll ask someone to upload it soon.

PGP encrypted messages preferred.
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