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Re: On Bugs

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry schrieb:
> Because of a concern for release, there is a desire to make
> all bugs 'normal'.  I find this to be problematic.  Numerous
> bugs were downgraded because we did not want a package to hold
> up release.  Admittedly some of those bugs were not 'grave',
> others were simply on packages which were deemed unnecessary
> or unimportant.  The bug is no less important on that package,
> just in the scheme of Debian.

An important bug has, per definition, to be fixed for release.
If the package is not considered important, well, why not leave
it out of stable because of important bugs? And if a maintainer
sees himself confronted with too many bugs, probably he should
ask for help or orphan some packages. IMO It's better to have
some packages of high quality than many buggy ones.

ciao, 2ri
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