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Re: dinstall overrides

On Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 04:21:40PM +0000 , michael d. ivey wrote:
> one of my packages (sitescooper) has been split in two by the upstream
> author.  this is a Good Thing.  however, i don't want to upload the
> version of sitescooper that requires sitescooper-sites until the -sites
> package is out of incoming.  who can i contact to request a pre-emptive
> change to the override file, so i don't have to wait while it sits in
> incoming?  (neither package has been uploaded yet)

just upload the new package and someone (ftpmaster) will process it. You can
try to catch one of then on IRC, but if it's a new package and not a split
one, it usually isn't processed right away. The waiting time for new packages
has decreased drasticaly to < 1 week, so it's not that bad as it used to be.

> also...if a new package sits in incoming for a long time, how can you
> check to see if something is wrong, other than lacking an override
> entry?

/org/ftp.debian.org/scripts/dinstall/dinstall -n package.changes

and it will write what it would do with this package now
(install, wrong md5 sum, wrong signarure, new package, ..)

				Petr Cech

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