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RE: On Bugs

> They are not, however, in my opinion, a good reason to pull console-apt
> from the distribution.

The severity of a bug helps a maintainer consider what to fix and what not to
fix.  If console-apt were a package fro outside debian, I would have submitted
this bug as normal.  The maintainer would forward it upstream, and likely be
ignored.  However, this is a Debian developer who has code that leaves out
users and other developers.  We coders do not consider people with a handicap
when we code very often.  For color blind people, console-apt is practically
worthless, except for the fact that it lists packages and allows searching in a
slightly better manner than dselect.

Policy is not the only source of bugs.  If a piece of software is broken, it
matters not whether Debian policy speaks about the situation or not.  There is
no policy about packages which segfault, but if I find a package which simply
won't run, it deserves a important severity.

Maybe what we really need is one more bug severity level.  Maintainers have a
tendancy to kill bugs in order of severity, so lumping most bugs as normal
which you are suggesting would make it harder for a maintainer to decide which
bugs are truly important to fix.

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