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Re: On Bugs

On Sat, Sep 30, 2000 at 11:18:21PM +0200, Christian Pernegger wrote:
> > important   any other bug which is a severe violation of Debian policy
> > 	    (violates a must directive)
> But some of the people wo submit bugs (regular users) probably won't like
> or understand your definition either. So the 'release critical' / 'non 
> release critical' difference and the 'what does it break' scale are quite
> nice IMHO.

Well, largely, if something actually breaks (like your system crashes, or
your files get deleted, or whatever) it's a critical or a grave bug. Or
if it just seg faults, or doesn't do exactly what you miht expect it's
just a normal bug. The important severity really is very limited: if
someone doesn't know policy well enough to be able to look up whether
it's a must directive or a should directive, then they probably don't know
policy well enough to be filing policy-violation bugs in the first place.

Note that severities of important/grave/critical have the property of
having the affected package and everything that depends on it removed from
frozen/stable, no questions asked. That's what those severities are for.
They're not there as an implicit endorsement of the opinion that every
other bug is completely unimportant and should be ignored.

I think we may've developed some bad habits about only doing active Q&A
work for important and above bugs: we really should, IMO, be sending
patches and doing NMUs for packages with any bugs that can be fixed,
rather than just ones that might get pulled.

> > So what would be nice is seeing lots of those fixed. Maybe we should have
> > some bugsquash months instead of just bugsquash weekends. At the very least
> > anyone with some spare time on their hands might like to help with merging
> > duplicate reports
> Can one merge/close bugs as non-developer? 

$ echo merge 12345 23456 | mail -s "merge bugs" control@bugs.debian.org

will merge bugs 12345 and 23456. It's generally better to just mail the
maintainer (or the bug) with "This bug seems to be fixed, you may as
well close it" rather than closing it yourself. I suspect most of this
is documented in the doc-debian package and on the bugs.debian.org page.


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