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lintian lives!

I am working on the current code base of lintian.  Currently about one third of
the currently open bugs have been fixed.  Now for testing, testing, testing. 
So, once a release is prepared, expect a new round of bugs against packages
which fail lintian.  Also, if you want a feature in lintian and there is no bug
asking for this feature, now is your chance to ask.

get everyone using lintian again
make lintian better, faster, etc.
improve lintian's accuracy
find a way to not need overrides files as much
bring lintian fully up to speed with policy 3.2.x -- a good way there

Current issues:
the whole "your library has no shlibs file" thing.  Once a policy has been
approved for packages with dynamically loaded modules lintian will be brought
up to date.

debconf files are marked as unknown control files.  debconf is not in policy
yet and neither are the files it uses.  Once they are in policy, this message
will go away as well.

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