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The Debian Keyring and my packages...

	Hello folks, I am a Debian Developer and my packages needed updating,
when I worked on them and tried to upload them to woody I was surprised
by the fact that my keys were taken out of the keyring. I tried
contacting keyring-maint@debian.org but it's been one month and still no
answer from anybody.

	Wouldn't it be the case for us to try some of those help desk programs
out there and start assigning ticket numbers to requests like that so we
can at least check their status? I mean, in almost 30 days I have no means 
of checking if my issue was considered (or even acknowleged).

	Please note that I am not  complaining, I am aware that the 
person/people at keyring-maint are also volunteers doing volunteer work 
and they may be overloaded, but some areas of debian could benefit from
a system like this. Maybe it would be possible to do it by extending the bug

	It is funny that Lalo Martins, a friend of mine who announced
he was leaving debian some time ago still has his pgp key in the pgp-keyring,
and I don't anymore. :)

	In the meantime, can someone upload the new versions of my packages?
(specially libcgi-fasttemplate-perl, there is a bug open asking for a new
version of it).


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