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Re: New libc6 breaks exim?

On 27 Sep 2000, Greg Stark wrote:

> I can't believe after fucking up the glibc 2.1 release so badly that they're
> about to do it again with much less excuse. At least with libc itself you have

I think technically the problem is not glibc, but with our libdb
package(s). They need to be compiled in a manner that is compatible with
the packages from potato, this means they need versioned symbols - which
were probably only turned on as a side effect of the build process..

Furthermore, I think we must follow whatever RedHat has done here, or
bully them into adding versioning.. If our libdb.* libraries do not have
the same symbols as theirs do then we have lost inter-dist binary

Someone grab a RH7 and run 'readelf -s' on the libdb.so.2 and .so.3
libraries and see what there is to see. From potato it looks like this:

    41: 00005f10   181 FUNC    WEAK   DEFAULT   12 dbopen@@GLIBC_2.0


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