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Re: OT: Rsync not effective at minor changed packages

On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 09:25:13PM +0200 , Otto Wyss wrote:
> Sorry I don't know in which group I have to post this question, but the result
> might be interesting for anyone, who does regularly download.
> Since the "x11/kdebase" package changed lately from version
> 2.0-20000920-0 to 2.0-20000920-2 and the package contains allmost

make a tool that
> 7MByte, I did a test to see how well does rsync if I just copied the
> version ...-0 to ...-2 before resynching. Here the result of rsync:
> 59144 wrote, 6578893 read, 6882072 total, speedup 1.04
> This means rsync did practically download the full file, which

it did. these are different files, so it download them whole. How should rsync
know, that -0 and -2 are similar?

If you write a tool to do it better, just go ahead.

> Why do we have to waste so much bandwide? Isn't there a better way to
> accomplish such a minor upgrade of a package than to download the full
> package again? Should we start building packages without compression? Or

and everyone will be downloading 10MB instead of .5MB archives though their
modems just to save some 70MB/day on mirrors.

				Petr Cech
Debian GNU/Linux maintainer - www.debian.{org,cz}

* Joy notes some people think "Unix" is a misspelling of "Unics" which is a misspelling of "Emacs" :)

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