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Re: External install modules and compacted libc

On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 10:27:27AM +1100, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> We can still have a non-striped libc (minus option?) in a module that
> could be installed if it was needed. Library reduction is really only
> critical for modules that will go on a boot/root floppy, modules that
> will be sourced post bootup are less critical on space, it is likely
> further modules will be residing on hard disk, cd or via the network. We
> have to install the full libc sometime.


> Supporting unplanned binaries is the big problem with stripped libc,
> this may be a strange idea, would it be possible at runtime to detect if
> a binary has failed due to unsupported libc?
> If we could detect the problem we could (try to) install the non-striped
> libc, a bit like auto-apt. 

I don't think that would be helpful. I'd say install the full libc as early
as possible. If anything fails before we can access an install media we 
are doomed.

> > If the module comes on CD I see no problem with including the libc.
> > 
> If there is a dependency heirarchy in the modules, then the libc symbols
> included would only have to be those symbols not suplied by previous
> modules.

Now that would be a really ugly hack :)


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