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possible problem with dpkg-genchanges

Having read the dpkg-genchanges source code I can't imagine how this kind of
discrepancy can arise. There's no Extra-Size header in the fetchmail control
file or anything weird like that.

bash-2.04$ dpkg -I ../../fetchmail_5.5.0-1.deb | grep Installed-Size
 Installed-Size: 840
bash-2.04$ dpkg --extract ../../fetchmail_5.5.0-1.deb .
bash-2.04$ du -sk *
676	usr

The only reason I noticed this is because I built a custom package here with
kerberos and SSL support  and my package had a correct Installed-Size header.
Either there's something broken with du on some systems or else there's just
something weird with the build process for this one package.

Perhaps lintian could have a check for Installed-Size headers that are out of
whack? I suppose that might require lots of overrides though.


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