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ITP: Brahms

I intend to package brahms, a MIDI sequencer and a music editor. The
current version is beta, but is already quite usable.  It is part of
the KDE Music system, and the latest CVS versions can be compiled
against Qt2.2.

I am not yet a debian maintainer, so I will make it available from my
web page as soon as I have it working, until it gets sponsorized, or
until I become a maintainer.

Package: brahms
Version: 0.97-2
License: GPL
Description: KDE Music system MIDI sequencer and editor.
Brahms is a MIDI sequencer with good editing capabilities. It has a
nice graphical interface; it provides score and piano-roll notation.
It has recently been extended to be aRTs compliant (Analog Real Time

Related information:
Brahms Home page: http://lienhard.desy.de/mackag/homepages/jan/Brahms/

    The aRTs sound server is part of the kdelibs3 package,
aRTs Home page: http://www.arts-project.org


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