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Re: Which task package installs gpm?

You ignored my header, so I will repeat it as a non-header:

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On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 12:23:21AM +0200, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> ... and get rid of task-c-dev, task-c++-dev, task-tex (and probably others)
> at the same time. Or... we did invent these tasks for a reason, didn't we?

Perhaps.  Standard stuff should be on there, no matter what.  At the same
time I'm not opposed to getting TeTeX, (pieces of) XFree86, or even emacs
out of standard and into optional.  However, the latter I have no desire to
argue with anyone.

BTW, I know the groff maintainer is out there somewhere...do you know that
your package is in violation of Policy 5.8?[*]  I'm loading up a very large
and I am going to blow gxditview to bits if you don't move it by the time I
have 4.0.1-1 ready.

[*] _Programs that may be configured with support for the X Window System_
     must be configured to do so and must declare any package dependencies
     necessary to satisfy their runtime requirements when using the X
     Window System, unless the package in question is of standard or higher
     priority, in which case X-specific binaries may be split into a
     separate package, or alternative versions of the package with X
     support may be provided.


     _Packages using the X Window System should abide by the FHS standard
     whenever possible_; they should install binaries, libraries, manual
     pages, and other files in FHS-mandated locations wherever possible.
     This means that files must not be installed into `/usr/X11R6/bin/',
     `/usr/X11R6/lib/', or `/usr/X11R6/man/' unless this is necessary for
     the package to operate properly.  Configuration files for window
     managers and display managers should be placed in a subdirectory of
     `/etc/X11/' corresponding to the package name due to these programs'
     tight integration with the mechanisms of the X Window System.
     Application-level programs should use the `/etc/' directory unless
     otherwise mandated by policy.  The installation of files into
     subdirectories of `/usr/X11R6/include/X11/' and `/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/'
     is permitted but discouraged; package maintainers should determine if
     subdirectories of `/usr/lib/' and `/usr/share/' can be used instead
     (symlinks from the X11R6 directories to FHS-compliant locations is
     encouraged if the program is not easily configured to look elsewhere
     for its files).  Packages must not provide -- or install files into --
     the directories `/usr/bin/X11/', `/usr/include/X11/', or
     `/usr/lib/X11/'.  Files within a package should, however, make
     reference to these directories, rather than their X11R6-named
     counterparts `/usr/X11R6/bin/', `/usr/X11R6/include/X11/', and
     `/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/', if the resources being referred to have not
     been moved to FHS-compliant locations.

The policy brownshirts are coming to get you...

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