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Re: kernel-image and epoch

>>"Josip" == Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

 Josip> Packaging manual advises to use "20000921" for versions of pre-releases,
 Josip> too, and for the above reason that should be changed to "0.0.20000921".

	Really? Here is what the packaging manual actually says:
     However, in some cases where the upstream version number is based on a
     date (e.g., a development `snapshot' release) dpkg cannot handle these
     version numbers currently, without epochs.  For example, dpkg will
     consider `96May01' to be greater than `96Dec24'.

     To prevent having to use epochs for every new upstream version, the
     version number should be changed to the following format in such
     cases: `19960501', `19961224'.  It is up to the maintainer whether
     he/she wants to bother the upstream maintainer to change the version
     numbers upstream, too.

     Note, that other version formats based on dates which are parsed
     correctly by dpkg should _not_ be changed.

     Native Debian packages (i.e., packages which have been written
     especially for Debian) whose version numbers include dates should
     always use the `YYYYMMDD' format.

        As I interpret it, the section merely talks about how dates
 should be formatted, and does not mandate that teh version number
 consist only of dates. So there is no mandate against "0.0.20000921",
 as I interpret that.

	Perhaps a wording change is required, though. 

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