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Re: gcc, binutils, libc, gdb for Amtel AVR microcontrollers

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Hakan Ardo wrote:

> Yes, that is right, but since not all maintainers are active enough to
> accept this kind of patches that's alwas at least possible.

True...toolchain package maintainers tend to be quite active, though :-)

> Well, for the binutil case the target code is already in the upstream
> version. All the patch do in that case is to fix up the debian files to have
> the pkg build several bunitils packages for the diffrent acrhitectures.

Ok, great.   I'm actually about to start work on a binutils-cross
package.  I'm still not sure if I want to generate cross-compilers for
just about every port that we support (which would take forever to
build) or make it so that the developer compiling it can select the target
easily and build a cross-assembler from there.  I'll decide soon, but
suggestions are welcome.  So far, I'm leaning towards generating
cross-assemblers for the embedded targets that we're starting to support
(AVR, SuperH, etc).


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