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Re: empty dirs

Tamas SZERB <toma@rulez.org> wrote:
>anyone has an idea to thet problem?

I'm moving this to debian-mentors, which is probably a better place.

>i make a new debian package, i made some new empty dirs under debian/tmp ,
>but after the creation of the .deb  it has lack of these directories.
>I've tried to look the dh_ programs who can remove it (or not to package
>it), and i've tried DH_VERBOSE but i didn't see anything interesting.

You aren't using DH_COMPAT=2, are you? In that case, the rest of the
package will have been created in debian/<package-name> rather than

Otherwise, have a look in debian/ after the package has been built to
see if the directories are still in the directory tree (the temporary
build directory isn't cleaned after the .deb is built). If not, and if
you're sure they really did get created in the first place, you might
want to post your debian/rules so we can see if there's some other bug

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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