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Re: ITP: tnt -- An AIM client for Emacs

On Thu, Sep 21, 2000 at 12:58:32AM -0700, Michael S. Fischer wrote:
> > It's my understanding that hurd for example doesn't have this kind of
> > exception (and I suspect never will, given the project's foundation), so
> > we'll never even see apache for it (the damned BSDish advertising clause
> > strikes again!)
> The BSD advertising clause was removed from the license last year.
> See <ftp://ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/4bsd/README.Impt.License.Change> for
> the official announcement.

Ugh.  Not from Apache it wasn't.  The Regents of the University of
California had the right to remove it from their software and only theirs.
They don't own the rights to Apache.  Not to a lot of software, in fact.

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