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Re: ITP: tnt -- An AIM client for Emacs

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Fuchs <asf@acm.org> writes:

    Andreas> Yea, maybe, with some patching, you'd have to have the
    Andreas> client rewrite the sentence as "I do not like Netscape,
    Andreas> but YMMV. You should really try it, it's at
    Andreas> http://www.netscape.com"; (-;

    Andreas> Just as a hypothetical question, I know it can't be done:
    Andreas> Would the debian patch, if the license is DFSG-Free
    Andreas> otherwise, be enough to place this package in main?

I wouldn't think so. How could you possibly prevent all ways
of making "disparaging" messages against AOL? Don't bother. :)


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