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SGML Man Pages?


Here is an interesting observation I just made while perusing a Solaris
install at school. They have SGML man pages. Their man pages are a subset
of the standard DocBook DTD which is now being used by the Linux
Documentation Project.

Solaris even puts them in /usr/share/man/sman[foo] and seems to have a
search engine, HTML formatting tool and probably more..

Being SGML (I think) they are way easier to write and have a much richer
content markup. Since at least one major vendor is doing this, I wonder if
someone in Debian would want to light up a torch and bring this tech to us
as well? 

About a week ago I was bored and finally found a SGML (doc book DTD too,
and it seems to use the same tag set as the docbook2x package understands)
to man page converter and I was going to redo all the APT man pages for
the third time to be in SGML. ITSM it would be very nice if I could just
leave them like that.


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