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ITP: sysprofile

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sysprofile for Debian

The package "sysprofile" represents an approach for a modular
centralized configuration of the bash shell within a Debian Linux
system.  It's main component is the directory "/etc/sysprofile.d/" which
contains small shell script modules.  Each of these files contains just
a small specific configuration setting subset for either just a single
program or a specific environment variable.  They are intended to split
a monolithic /etc/profile into small independent components for a more
flexible handling like for example by easily dropping in scripts via
network without the need of having to start up an editor on every single
remote host.  While some assorted sample shell script modules are
provided, the main accent lies on the implementation of a flexible
modular mechanism instead of just a specific but limited singular
configuration setting.

It appears already to be quite usable and i have actually used it
successfully for more than a year but it still lacks further thought and
polishing by peer review.  Just take this here as a first sample
implementation of an idea for now.  Please examine and test it closely
before any serious use and share any criticism, corrections and
hopefully additions with all of us.  Especially nice would be the
addition of somewhat equivalent settings for other shells like (t)csh,
ksh or zsh, since this package primarily works for bash and has not been
tested otherwise.

Massimo Dal Zotto <dz@cs.unitn.it> has developed a similar package
called "shellrc" which provides functionality for both bash and csh.  It
is hopefully still available from "http://www.cs.unitn.it/~dz/debian/";.

If you happen to become inspired enough to make something really useful
out of this package i would be glad to hand over maintenance.  I just
tried to hack something i could use for my own purposes and because i
didn't find anything equally simple to use.

Paul Seelig <pseelig@debian.org>, Mon, Sep 18 2000 19:19:06 +0100
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A lintian clean package can be downloaded for testing purposes from
"ftp://ntama.uni-mainz.de/pub/debian/unofficial/sysprofile/"; and i
intent uploading it to incoming tomorrow evening if nobody objects.

                                  Thank you, P. *8^)
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