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Re: NM Page info.

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>:
> I disagree.  ISO date format is the only portable one, and we should use it
> wherever possible.

It is, of course, not unheard of for normal people (non-nerds)
to interpret 2000-09-01 as the ninth of January, year two thousand.
I've even in my old life as Linux Software Map maintainer seen people
express dates as 01-2000-09. No, I didn't understand what they meant,

That's why in normal text it tends to be best to express dates using
non-encoded formats, such as "September 1, 2000" or "01-SEP-2000". They
don't sort very well, and they're language dependent, but in normal
text that isn't very important - having fewer errors is.  When sorting
or mechanical interpretation is important, the ISO date format shines.

Lars Wirzenius <liw@wapit.com>
Architect, Kannel WAP and SMS Gateway project, Wapit Ltd, http://www.kannel.org

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