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Re: join us!

> Securityportal.com published a comparison of distributions at
> http://www.securityportal.com/cover/coverstory20000724.html  I see
> this is also by Kurt Seifried.  He didn't really include Debian in the
> comparison; even if he had, you would presumably accuse him of bias.
> I'm left searching for an impartial comparison.

If I had compared it they would have slammed me for comparing a beta with
problems that will be fixed yadayada so I decided to avoid it. I will be
doing another, much more detailed article later this year once
redhat/suse/mandrake 7.x's are out, not sure what cladera/turbo are up to,
but that means that all will have been released within a reasonably close
window making comparision "fair". Of course there is the issue of the RSA
patent, I do know that OpenBSD 2.8 will ship all the crypto built in as
default, I'm wondering what the various Linux vendors will do. In any case
I'll get slammed by some group who is unhappy with my writing, can't please
all the people all the time.


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