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Re: global distribution of debian users (and their paper)

On Thu 14 Sep 2000, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> We should check the timezone and compute the probable location on the
> globe then generate a proper default recommendation ;>

Actually, this isn't as silly as it might appear at first :-)
I'd like to see a question somewhere early in the installation
process that asks what country the system is in. That can be used
to set defaults for a number of following questions, including
the timezone and the paper size. Also default locale info could
be set, and (my point of interest) isdnlog could be configured to
use the correct mode and config (euro-ISDN or E-DSS1 isn't as
standard as you'd expect). I now ask via debconf what country
the system is in; if this question was asked earlier, I could
simply use that answer.

Paul Slootman
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