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Re: Which task package installs gpm?

Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:
> > I've been putting the finishing touches on my book, and ran across a bit
> > of confusion. One of the anXious config screens, the one for setting the
> > mouse device, indicates that /dev/gpmdata should be used if gpm is being
> > installed. However, the entry into this phase was done by choosing
> > "simple" and then picking from a bunch of task packages. I can't tell
> > which of these task packages installs gpm. I've done several installs with
> > different selections from the presented tasks, and it seems that I always
> > get gpm. I haven't gone through all the info screens on the task
> > screen. Should I expect to find this information there?
> > 
> > I expect it will be listed in the package list provided by apt-get, but
> > most of that scrolls off the screen before it can possibly be read, so I
> > couldn't verify anything from that either.
> > 
> > Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
> This is very strange. I've done several installations from the official
> cd set using the "simple" methods and selecting most of the tasks, but
> I have never been able to get gpm installed automatically. I had always
> to install it by hand. Am I doing something wrong or is it installed by
> the chinese or polish tasks?
> I have reported this to the boot-floppy mailing list some months ago
> suggesting that it is included in the base system but nothing has
> happened so far.
> If you discover which task installs gpm on yor system please let me know!

AFAIK, it's not part of any task package.  It *is* priority Standard, but
only dselect picks up standard packages by default.  Thus, you only get
gpm by default if you use dselect.


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