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Re: Which task package installs gpm?

On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 08:00:19AM -0400, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> I've been putting the finishing touches on my book, and ran across a bit
> of confusion. One of the anXious config screens, the one for setting the
> mouse device, indicates that /dev/gpmdata should be used if gpm is being
> installed. However, the entry into this phase was done by choosing
> "simple" and then picking from a bunch of task packages. I can't tell
> which of these task packages installs gpm. I've done several installs with
> different selections from the presented tasks, and it seems that I always
> get gpm. I haven't gone through all the info screens on the task
> screen. Should I expect to find this information there?
> I expect it will be listed in the package list provided by apt-get, but
> most of that scrolls off the screen before it can possibly be read, so I
> couldn't verify anything from that either.
> Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
> Luck,
> Dwarf
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Well, time to learn something :)  if you do apt-cache showpkg gpm, it shows
the reverse depends, and after looking at it i can see that at least in
woody, there isn't a task that installs it.

A little more research ... apt-cache show gpm | grep ^Priority ...

Priority: standard

Which means that gpm will always be installed by default :)

Erik Bernhardson
It is better to remain silent and be considered a fool, than to speak and
remove all doubt.
	-- Abraham Lincoln

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