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Re: KDE2 - nice demolition job ...

>  Yes, I am sure most people would. However, I have noticed that normal posts
> on topics of this nature are handily dispatched with singular consistancy,
> usually with reference to historical discussion buried somewhere deep in the
> list archives. Or just ignored.

Been lurking here for 2 years now and I've never noticed the above.

>  Squeaky wheels, Drastic Measures, Desparate Times and all that. 

I'd hardly call KDE not being perfect within a week of submission or a new
mantainer signup process that's been slug-like for 2+ years as canidates for
"Desparate Times".

Yes NM is slow, everyone knows that, it's getting better.

Nothing is preventing you from writing a wiz-bang application to automate
the process and speed the whole thing up, btw.

Also for future reference:

Everyone knows it takes forever to get releases out.
Everyone knows we're free software bigots.
Everyone knows we're a pain in the ass with regards to software licenses.
Everyone knows that Alpha/PPC/etc doesn't get the support i386 does.

No need to troll on any of the above to get our attention. We're all quite
aware of the issues and will be happy to listen to moderate posts on the


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