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Re: new-maintainer and delays (was Re: [some idiot troll who should have been ignored])

On 13 Sep 2000, James Troup wrote:

> Actually, no, way less than half the current backlog are applicants
> from the shut down period.

Yeah, after looking at more of the records, I see this.

> If that's all I had to do in my life, no, of course it wouldn't.
> Unfortunately it's not.  Granted, DAM is becoming a problem, but a)
> it's not the main problem (lack of contributing AMs is much more of a
> problem), b) DAM appears worse than it actually is because my work on
> it is sporadic and c) I am looking into fixing it (by taking on
> mini-DAMers) in any event.

Sounds like a good idea.

> However, there is no longer any excuse for just whining about delays
> in the new-maintainer process... if you don't like the delays, Chris,
> feel to actually make a difference and sign up as an Application
> Manager.

Ok, calm down, I'm not blaming anyone here, I'm just looking at it from an
external point of view (external, meaning I have nothing to do with the
process).  I also understand that everyone here is busy and has lives and
jobs, etc, so don't assume that I'm unsympathetic to the stresses of the
real world.  Honestly, I wish I could spare more time to help NM along,
but unfortunately I can't.  Does this mean that I'm not allowed to look at
and, God forbid, possibly comment on the NM process?

I know that we all enjoy our time working on Debian, so let's not forget
that we SHOULD enjoy what we do and not take it so damned seriously all of
the time.  It seems like every time someone tries to offer criticism or
comments on someone else's work and tries to find a way to improve it,
they get a "if you don't like it, do it yourself" message and a holy war
begins.  I don't want that to happen in this case.  Please, let's all take
a deep breath and look at it from another point of view every once in

I really do like the idea of "mini-DAM"s and also noticed the AM problems
that you mentioned, just by looking at a handful of records on
nm.debian.org.  Looks like you're already addressing any concerns that
I've brought up, so good job :-)

...and in case nobody says it, thanks for all of your work on NM.  It
doesn't go unrecognised :-)


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