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Re: Large file support again

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Nils Rennebarth wrote:

> On 
>    http://www.suse.de/~aj/linux_lfs.html
> I read that for glibc 2.1.3 in order to support large files it needs to be
> compiled against headers from a 2.4 kernel. As this is currently not the
> case, glibc 2.1.3 should be rebuilt.

Woody is shortly going to be moving to a pre-release of glibc 2.2, so this
will become a non-issue.  IIRC, Ben's in testing mode on this transition
now, so it shouldn't be long.  If you really need a glibc 2.1.3 that
supports >2GB files on a potato system, it may be better to attempt a
recompilation on your own (it's very easy to build even glibc, given the
wonderful packaging job that was done on it).  Be warned, though, that
potato was built using 2.2.x kernel headers, so things may break (probably
won't, but just in case, I had to throw that in there).

Besides, the 2.4.x kernels aren't out yet (nor are they even close to
stable on any arch), so I'd recommend waiting until they're released and
tested a bit more.

BTW, Alpha can handle >2GB files right now :-)  Nice to be a non-x86 user
when these discussions come up :-)


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