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Re: New package checkmp3 ???

David Starner wrote:

> I ran dselect, and lo and behold, checkmp3 appeared. A package
> with the same name, similar version number (1.97.3 vs. 1.97.2),
> same description and same maintainer as mp3check. This is bad -
> should I file a bug on f.d.o, mp3check, checkmp3, or all the 
> above?

AFAIK, there was discussion about different packages with binary
executables called mp3check and mp3-check, respectively. The maintainers
agreed to rename one package (I believe mp3-check is the one in
checkmp3). The old mp3check was to be removed from the archive, but
there will be probably another one (different from the former, of course).


Disclaimer: I'm not a maintainer of any mp3 check package ;-)

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