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ITS: Gwydion Dylan

ITS:  Intent to Sponsor ;-)

> It appears that these were never officially part of Debian. Those
> packages originated from ftp://folk.federated.com/pub/gd/DEB/potato
> and http://www.gwydiondylan.org/downloading.phtml is what pointed
> me there. It looks like you might be in good shape, though I'm
> quite far from anything like a final say on this matter.
> Sorry I didn't do more fact checking before posting previously.

The mystery is solved.  I'm not sure who created these initial
packages, but currently there are CVS entries for packaging up through
the current 2.3.3 version of Dylan.  These were created by a
fellow who is in the new maintainer queue.

I'm going to sponsor his packages until he gets accepted into Debian
and can start uploading himself.



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