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Re: why apt/dpkg not using bzip2

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> Makes more sense than what we have now, and is easier to seperate (where
> as now, the entire debian directory is in a diff, and would be easier to
> parse as a tarball of it's own).

That's true, the debian-dir in the diff is not very elegant.
(But one can live with it, I think)

> But the seperate patch set is a must, and
> don't argue "well apply and remove it during the build/clean targets of
> debian/rules" because that is ugly and asking for problems.

I believe, that one diff is much more better than many diffs.

This only works, if the diff's are independend or one diff is diff are on
the top of each other. So I do not see the advantage of many diffs.

If it is to have some diff included that should be updated I would prefer
to create an local cvs-repro, put the orig in it, tag it, patch it with
the debian diff, make an branch, patch the branch, and merge everything 
together and produce an new diff and remove the local cvs-repro.

This is much quicker done than to check the new patch if it collides with
the other patches and change the other patches so that it does not

Yust my $0,03,
  Bernhard R. Link

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