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Re: System sees only 65M of memory


On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Art Edwards wrote:

> I just purchased two Athalon-based systems, each with 768M of ram.
> However, under debian (potato runnin kernel 2.2.17) the OS sees only 65
> M of memory. I have tried to use the append command
> mem=768M
> but it still sees only 65 M? 
> Does anyone have any ideas?

You don't mention the MB your Athlons sit on. Anyhow, I did not yet find
one Athlon MB that a kernel finds how much memory is really plugged on.

I had/have that trouble with all Athlon MB I touch (gigabyte,
abit, aopen). Always have to add the


line to lilo.conf.

You mention you use 768 Mb. I guess that is 3x256 or 1x512 + 1x256.
Is there an empty first/last memory slot there? In that case you could try
to move the memory sitting in the current last/first to the empty slot,
start, enter the bios setup, save and check again.

ALWAYS enter the bios setup and save, if you change anything in the HW.

You'll most surely have to have the append="mem=..." line in lilo.conf

You might also want to check the memory with the excellent memtest86 tool


Another thing to try might be to put one memory card at a time. Bad memory
in not unusual.

Good luck, and please let me know if you make any progress.


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