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Re: RFC: fix for daemon start on package install/upgrade out-of-runlevel

hmh@rcm.org.br (Henrique M. Holschuh) wrote:
>ISSUE: Is there a need for pre-depends?
>    A package which needs a future version of the initsciptquery interface
>    would need to pre-depends: sysvinit (>=someversion) | filerc
>    (>=someversion). How is this done for update-rc.d ? 

If you're using initscriptquery in your postinst (as more or less anyone
who uses it will be?) then you only need an ordinary dependency.

>  initscript ID - Init script unique ID, as used for update-rd.d
                                                             ^^^^ rc.d

No other comments, really - I think this will help Debian packages to
follow the course of least surprise in a very useful way.

I don't know if this comes under the "administrative reasons" which you
asked us to ignore for now :), but recently I was upgrading my work box
from Red Hat 6.0 to potato, and to minimize downtime I did most of the
work in a chroot. Unfortunately, installing daemons in this system
resulted in a lot of them breaking because non-chrooted versions of
themselves were already running and (say) bound to their normal TCP

With initscriptquery as it stands, I would at least have a common hook
which I could hack to stop any of them being started; I could perhaps
have pretended I was in runlevel 1 or something. I don't doubt you'll
provide a cleaner solution in your "local policy" RFC, but I would
certainly like to see the current system implemented for woody.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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