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Re: Pyton 1.6's license

On Fri, Sep 08, 2000 at 05:30:28PM +0200, Gregor Hoffleit wrote: 
> Based on this, that leaves us with three options:
> 1.) Replace Python 1.5.2 with Python 1.6 in the Debian development tree
>   ("woody").
>   Then we had to remove all packages that might be troublesome,
>   license-wise. Among them are python-gdbm, python-gtk, python-gnome,
>   python-glade. Would also affect codecommander, solfege, bg5ps, icepref,
>   routeplanner, gimp-python and so on. I.e. quite some work to check and
>   discriminate among all of them.
> 2.) Stick with Python 1.5.2 and ignore Python 1.6 and up until this issue is
>   settled.
>   The easiest solution. Many propose that.  
>   Anyway, if the issue is not settled in the near future, that would more or
>   less automatically mean a fork of Python at some time, a VERY bad thing.
> 3.) Stick with Python 1.5.2 and package Python 1.6 as optional packages
>   (something like python1.6-base etc. pp.) that could be installed parallel
>   to Python 1.5.2.
>   All existing packages would continue to depend on Python 1.5.2, with no
>   license trouble.
>   Maintainers and users would have to decide if their application/package is
>   compatible with the new Python license.

I disclaim that I'm no expert with regard to the legality of this, but
what about:

4. Having python-1.52 and python-1.6 packages, both of which Provide: python.

Would this still be considered linking if they were given the choice of
interpreters?  It would seem to be just as legal as if Harmony had come to
fruition and then both libqt and harmony Provide'd qt.

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