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Re: RFC: GUI tools for common Debian admin tasks

At 10:13 PM 09/07/2000 +0000, you wrote:
  I don't object to a web-browser, personally.  I do object to having to
install and configure a Web server (!!) to set up the machine, for the same
reason I object to needing a Web server to view documentation (eg, doc-central
depends on apache).

Webmin has it's own webserver built in (via perl). No external webserver required.

In fact, I believe that a base system will provide everything needed.  Jaldhar
said he's changed the package to remove the libnet-ssleay-perl depends.

which leaves (and I don't have his current version to check)
 Depends: perl5, debconf

any reason it can't use debconf-tiny?  I don't see why not...

No reason a small webmin stripped down to just Debian configuration requirements couldn't fire up and allow complete remote configuration of a box. Imagine, you stick in a boot floppy/CD, it grabs the base-package from the net, unpacks it, and then goes into 'configure me' mode, by running mini-webmin. You could add users, configs, more stuff via apt, etc, all from a remote machine.

You might never have to log in at the console EVER, if it's a server. In fact, with a scripty boot floppy/CD, you wouldn't need a monitor or a keyboard to ever be hooked up.

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